I want to build a Quadracopter robot

I have been trying to decide where to set my sights for my first DIY UAV.

My thought was to reward myself for finishing the model plane project (a 5′ wingspan, Balsa/fiberglass, gas powered, 30 year old, bought from an estate sale and missing half it’s bits scale Cesna plane kit) by embedding it with sensors and micro controllers to be able to experiment with autonomous, mobile robots in my own artworks.

Now I am more of a mind to leave the plane undone and build a quadracopter.

It offers way more flexibility and chance for faster design cycles as well as being more suited to my lifestyle.  I have been without a place to make dusty messes since I turned my workshop studio into an office.

This project is the best I have seen:

Robust Robotics Group | CSAIL Main/Visual Odometry For GPS-Denied Flight.


I follow the goings on at http://diydrones.com and so am thinking of starting with the arducopter: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/

Just sayin’.

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one hundred and eight

This will definitely make it into this coming semesters Interface class slide show.  So often, a student, and I am guilty as well, conceives a project which quickly mushrooms beyond feasibility due to a failure to grapple with some massive parallelism inherent in the idea. This has so much allure in the sound of the machine working through it’s to-do list of valve activations. Makes me want to write a score, or better yet, hear a score written by a someone talented in such matters.

This artist has a few inspiring works documented here: nilsvoelker.de

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truncated icosahedron

The amazing artist, Terry Berlier, commissioned me to build a truncated icosahedron this last winter as part as a series of instruments she conceived to be playable sculptures.  The debut of these objects being used in concert happened this month and I am delighted at how it turned out.

The 41st Rudiment
For sculptured percussion and ensemble (World Premiere)
w/Percussionist Chris Froh + Great Noise Ensemble +
Composer DJ Sparr + Sculptures by Artist Terry Berlier
April 30, 2010, 7:30 PM
Ward Recital Hall, Catholic University, Washington D.C.

41st Rudiment (low res) from Terry Berlier on Vimeo.

The Washington Post reviewed the performance and made an especially kind note of the TI.

I have some photos documenting the construction on Flickr

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Simple robot in a mint tin

Simple Robot How-To | uC Hobby.

first project for the kit class?

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Nano Solar starts producing panels in Europe

It has been a few years now that I have been watching these people’s progress, and I am excited to see them moving forward, but mostly I am posting a link to their cool robotic factory video:

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